A Holistic Approach to Oral Healthcare San Francisco, CA

A Holistic Approach to Oral Healthcare

Brighten Your Smile Holistically

If you are looking for a smile makeover in San Francisco, CA, you have a lot of options. However, each dental professional’s approach is a little different. That’s because each professional has a different approach and a different repertoire of procedures they can bring to the table when they plan the procedures that go into the total smile revitalization. When you work with a holistic dentist like Dr. Patel, you gain the benefits of an approach to oral health that looks at how it contributes to your overall wellness. Allowing her to build your new smile from the ground up, with specialized care that helps you look and feel better.

Dental Care in a Spa-Like Environment 

One of the ways Green Dentistry works to promote the overall well-being of all patients is by providing care in a supportive and relaxing environment that helps ease stress and tension. This helps patients feel soothed by the office, and for many, the atmosphere offsets some of the anxiety that is often associated with dental care.

Planning Your Smile Makeover

Each makeover is different because each patient has different goals and challenges when approaching cosmetic dentistry. Your consultation will involve discussing those goals and getting advice about the procedures that will best deliver the results you want. A well-planned smile makeover can provide relief from chronic conditions like migraines and TMJ pain by combining several functional and cosmetic procedures, including:

Combined with the right periodontal treatments, a smile makeover can turn back the progress of gum disease by using restorative techniques to build a smile that looks and feels great.

Set Up Your Appointment Today

If you are looking for a holistic dentist for a smile makeover in San Francisco, CA? Call us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Patel or to get more information about the benefits of holistic dentistry. Dr. Patel even offers sedation dentistry for those who need it. Don’t miss out on this amazing approach to your oral health care.