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BIOLASE®: Natural and Safe Laser Dentistry

Modern Treatments for Superior Results

Biolase Laser Dentistry

We never want you to fear your dental treatments and Dr. Nammy Patel strives to offer gentle, holistic care at every opportunity. This is why we have invested in the state-of-the-art BIOLASE® laser to make dental appointments easier for you and more minimally invasive when performed by Dr. Patel. Laser dentistry can be used to perform a variety of procedures ranging from cosmetic treatments to functional or preventative care. Our BIOLASE laser works through the use of comfortable laser light in place of scalpels or drills. In many cases, patients experience minimal to no bleeding and have a much quicker healing time than through traditional treatments. Our laser dentistry approach helps us provide you with holistic, whole body treatments that can last you for the long-term.

Biolase Laser Dentistry
Biolase Laser Dentistry San Francisco, CA

Laser dentistry with BIOLASE helps us uphold our core values to patients. By choosing BIOLASE, we ensure you will look your best, have a functional mouth, experience minimal pain and see results that last you for years to come!

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Laser Dentistry

Dr. Patel and our team at Green Dentistry believe in the minimally invasive approach laser dentistry offers. Rather than cutting into tissue, laser dentistry using our BIOLASE dental laser gently disintegrates infection or unwanted tissues, leaving healthy tissues unharmed. This often prevents the need for additional restorative treatments like gum grafting and is a holistic approach to preserving more of your natural tissue. Our soft tissue treatments we can perform with BIOLASE laser dentistry in San Francisco, CA include:

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

A much gentler approach to treatment of periodontal disease, laser gum disease treatment can eliminate infection from your gum tissue. By disintegrating the infection, Dr. Patel will not need to rely on scalpels or sutures and you can get back to your normal routine faster.


Laser Peri-Implantitis Treatment

Similar to the approach with gum disease, Dr. Patel can use our BIOLASE laser to treat disease that affects a dental implant. By gently removing the infected tissue, we can save your dental implant investment from failing and retain the beauty and function of your smile.


Laser Gingivectomies

Gingivectomies are often used to reshape the gum tissue and remove infected tissue. By using a dental laser, we are able to remove only the infection from your gums, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Many times, this can be done in just one visit with minimal need for healing.


Laser Frenectomies

For those who are tongue- or lip-tied, laser frenectomies are a minimally invasive approach to severing the connective tissue that is restricting movement. This approach requires no scalpels or sutures and is quick to perform. This especially helps children and teens you may be afraid to initially get the procedure performed.


Laser Cavity Restoration

One of the most appealing aspects of laser dentistry for our patients is the treatment of small cavities without the need of a drill. With our BIOLASE laser, we can remove infection from the tooth surface without needing to drill your tooth. This drastically cuts down on time, discomfort and healing, allowing you to get back to your life quickly.

Biolase Laser Dentistry
Biolase Laser Dentistry San Francisco, CA

Holistic, Whole-Body Focus

At Green Dentistry, we take a full-scope view at not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. We understand that being comfortable with your dental care allows us to do more, which in turn, allows you to have a better overall quality of life. By choosing laser dentistry in San Francisco, CA, we can give you the beautiful smile you want with the minimally invasive approach you deserve. BIOLASE gives our patients a nearly painless, natural, convenient and safe treatment each and every time.